The Best Tasting Cup of Coffee

At one time, in order to taste the best cup of coffee, you would have to go to a specialty coffee shop like Starbucks but with the introduction of new coffee machines, you can now enjoy those delightful cups of coffee in your home. Not only do these bean-to-cup coffee machines allow you to make great tasting coffee but they allow you to make it with the minimum of fuss. There are several websites you can visit in order to find out more about these coffee making machines but basically, once you add the coffee beans of your choice and select the type of coffee you want, the machines do the rest. Obviously if you want a latte, espresso or cappuccino, milk will have to be added but even if your machine does not already have a milk adder included, you can easily buy attachments to use with machines which will then allow the machines to make the perfect cup of coffee just the way you like it. You can make a choice as to how finely you want the coffee beans ground and how strong you want the cup of coffee to be and in order to save hassle in the future, most machines will allow you to save those settings under a certain profile, perhaps even more than just one setting can be saved on some machines. This means that your favourite cup of coffee can quickly and easily be made at home whenever you feel like one and to make the job of cleaning up easier, some machines even have a self-cleaning feature.

Often, although people may know if they prefer a latte to a cappuccino, they do not know which coffee beans taste the best and as every body’s tastes differ, no one can tell you exactly which beans you will find the tastiest. There are hundreds of different coffee beans grown around the world and all of them have their own distinct flavor, meaning it could take you quite some time to try them all in a pursuit to find what are to you, the best tasting coffee beans. Fortunately a group of coffee connoisseurs got together to create what, to them, are the best tasting coffee beans in the world. Although your tastes may differ from theirs, there is a good chance that at least one of the coffees listed in their top ten will appeal to you as a great tasting coffee. All you need therefore do is try each of the top ten beans listed and decide which ones, to you, are the best. Be sure though that, if the list states coffee beans from the Kenya highlands, you get beans from the highlands of Kenya as they may also have beans grown in the lowlands of Kenya which could taste completely different. With the opportunity to make a cup of coffee from the coffee beans of your choice, the variety of different coffees you can offer yourself will far exceed even those of the best coffee houses.